Cynthia Bakkalian



Full name: Cynthia Ishak Bakkalian

Date and place of birth: 27/03/1995 –  Beirut, Lebanon

University: University of  Balamand

Major: Public Health and Development Sciences

Educational Background: A.G.B.U Tarouhi Hovagimian Secondary High School (2013)


Reading, jogging and music.

Special Awards/Certificates:

MUN- Model United Nations, Certificate.

Community Work Experience:

Tutor at Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation

 >Why I applied to the Jean Goguikian Scholarship and how has it helped

I applied to the Goguikian Foundation since I was attracted to its vision and goal. Honestly speaking, throughout my life, I have never seen a Lebanese Armenian Association as interested in the well-being of the Armenian Community as the JG Foundation.
The Goguikian Foundation provided me with 100% tuition coverage, in addition to the monthly held training sessions managed by Management Mix. Last, the foundation will help me pursue a public-sector career in the field of health sciences. Not only did the foundation help me financially, but also morally. The foundation is always supportive towards my aspirations and is always there for me and my friends.

 >My academic and professional aspirations

My ambitions are continuous and have no boundaries. From childhood, my goal was to become a doctor, to be able to share people’s concerns and relieve them from their sorrows and sufferings. With time, I realized how interested I am in spreading awareness in order to protect the society from a variety of health risks. Therefore, I chose PUBLIC HEALTH. After few years, I would like to graduate from a decent university with high grades and continue my master’s degree.
As for my professional aspirations, I see myself working in the Ministry of Public Health or  in the World Health Organization (WHO), which is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system.

 >My hopes for the Lebanese Armenian community’s future

Lately, the Lebanese Armenian community has become more active and I believe this is due to an educated and diligent generation. Nowadays, Armenians have become more involved in Lebanese social/political/economical life, despite the fact that we are called a minority. Finally, I hope to be a good representative of my community in the public sector and be a direct link between my community and the public sector.

 >My inspirations

I would say my parents are my biggest inspiration. They empower me to achieve my life dreams and goals. I have had many challenges throughout my life, but they have always been there to support me in my long journey of education. They are the ones who sacrifice the joys of their own lives so that my siblings and I can be happy. Sacrifice can actually be a good thing when it is done for the good of the family. This is one lesson that will forever be engraved on my mind. I am grateful to my lovely parents for teaching me what books could not.

I also believe that my circumstances inspired me to work harder. With every failure I tried to come up with my shortcomings, work harder and think smarter.

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