Rim Kalfayan


Full Name: Rim Armen Kalfayan

Date and place of birth:  04/08/1995 – Jdeideh, Lebanon

University: University of  Balamand

Major: Public Health and Development Sciences

Educational Background: Saints Coeurs Bauchrieh (2013)


Reading, Dancing, Ping-Pong, Theatre and Learning more about our Armenian culture.

Community Work Experience:

Colonie Carla, Summer of 2012 and HKCC (2013-2014)

Other important biographical information:

I am a member in the missionary group at my school where we organize summer camps for kids and teens and serve our community.

>Why did you apply to the Jean Goguikian Scholarship and how has it helped you so far

My paternal aunt is a teacher at an Armenian school and she got me the brochure of the Jean Goguikian Scholarship. I found out after reading it carefully that it matches my ambitions; serving my community by working in the public sector especially in the Public Health field. So I said: Go for it, it won’t hurt if I try! And luckily I got accepted.

In addition, being a member of this program will help our Armenian-Lebanese community  become more integrated in the public sector by encouraging us, young students, to contribute more efficiently to our country through our community services, training sessions, projects…

Since I am still at the beginning of my journey, JGS has, so far, besides covering my tuition fees, helped me in becoming a more responsible, motivated and ambitious student through training sessions and tutoring at HKCC. I am positively sure that in the coming years, I will gain more support, experience and skills. The program is complete and I am really blessed to be a part of it!

>My academic and professional aspirations

In my opinion, being ambitious is one of the most effective keys to success. Why being determined could be good for my career?

First of all, being ambitious enables me to set goals in my career: I set a first goal, create a well organized plan to reach it and once it is accomplished, I aim for a higher one. In addition, being just good at what I do is not enough, trying to improve my performance and learning from mistakes and correcting them is a great method to get to the goal. And finally, it manages to keep the excitement alive. It also helps me work with more enthusiasm and motivation.

>My hopes for the future of the Lebanese Armenian community

I think that because of the presence of the JGS, first of all, the integration of young Lebanese Armenian will hopefully increase, leading to larger activity and presence of Armenians in the Lebanese Public Sector and help for our community to flourish and expand.

>My inspiration 

I never had a specific role model in my life, but I always look up to successful people who reached their goals through hard work, believing in themselves and their capacities in order to become a powerful leader and set an example to all.

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