Conditions for Maintaining the Jean Goguikian Scholarship

Scholarships are renewed annually based on scholar performance in the following. Those not performing up to expectations are asked to leave the program:

    1. Service: Goguikian Foundation scholars are required to partake in a community-based or social services project for between 5 to 10 hours per week during each academic year of their university studies depending on the amount of scholarship. There are no circumstances under which a JGS scholar may be excused from fulfilling this requirement.


    1. Academic Standing: Goguikian Foundation scholars must maintain a GPA of 80 or better


    1. Internship: Goguikian Foundation scholars are required to complete an internship in a related ministry/institution during their studies. This is strongly recommended, as it not only provides students with working knowledge and hands-on understanding of the ministries/institutions they might one day serve, but also to help them benefit from networking opportunities they can leverage upon in the future.


    1. Language: All public sector jobs in Lebanon require a strong command of the written and spoken Arabic. Goguikian Foundation scholars in need of remedial Arabic language classes must attend any such courses available to them through their university or outside classes. In addition, every summer a free four-week intensive Arabic language course may be offered by the Foundation. Attendance is compulsory for those Goguikian Foundation students deemed to be in need of remedial classes.


    1. Training and Preparatory Classes: Goguikian Foundation scholars are expected to attend all capacity building training as well as Civil Services Board entrance exam preparatory classes offered by the Foundation.