Eligibility Criteria

  1. Lebanese Nationality: The aim of the Jean Goguikian Scholarship and the Goguikian Financial Aid is to train young Lebanese Armenian leaders to hold public sector jobs. Since these jobs are available to Lebanese nationals only, those applying must be Lebanese.
  2. Armenian Heritage: All Lebanese Armenian applicants with at least one Armenian parent are eligible.
  3. Academic Success: Students with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) in the last three years of high school prior to application of 85% of their class are eligible to apply for the Jean Goguikian Scholarship. University students with a minimum accumulative GPA of 80 are eligible to apply for the Goguikian Financial Aid.
  4. Arabic Language Skills: All public sector jobs require proficiency in Arabic language. While the Foundation helps students in need of remedial classes, a strong base of Arabic is required to apply. This is demonstrated by a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) in the last three years of high school prior to application that is among 85% of their class. For University students, a written and an oral language test will determine their Arabic language proficiency.
  5. Financial Need: Needs assessment for the scholarship is based on information supplied by the student on the online application form and supporting documents he/she submits to the Foundation, as well as an interview with the Foundation social worker and a home visit. For Financial Aid applicant€™s financial need is assessed based on documents, interview and visit by the social worker.
  6. Field of Study: Applicants interested in the following fields of study are eligible to apply. Please note that different universities have different names for related majors.
  1. Economics
  2. Environmental Sciences (Environmental Health)
  3. Law (Civil, Public and International)
  4. Political Science (International Relations/Affairs, Diplomacy)
  5. Public Administration
  6. Public Health (Health Administration and Social Care)
> Check this table of related degrees and majors offered by our six partner universities.