Lucy Sagherian



Full name: Lucy Sagherian

Date and place of birth: 1985, Beirut, Lebanon

University: American University of Beirut

Major: Public Health, with an emphasis on Health Management and Policy

Educational background:

Beirut Evangelical School for Girls and Boys
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, American University of Beirut


Involvement in Lebanese Armenian community activities, Global health issues and news, Armenian Cause updates, Appreciation of all kinds of arts (music, dance, theater, paintings, etc.), especially that of Armenian origin

Work experience and certificates:

Technical Advisor of the Grassroots Grants Program, Embassy of Japan in Lebanon (July 2008–September 2010)
Registered Nurse in the Private Pediatric Unit, American University of Beirut – Medical Center (September 2006–June 2008)
Intensive nursing care training in the St. Jude in-patient unit, American University of Beirut – Medical Center (June 2006)

Community work experience:

Horizon Drug-Free Zone (2008–Present): Anti-drug activist and educator
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) – Global Youth Partners (2005–2006): Actively advocating for increased access of young people to information, education and services in HIV prevention

> Why did  I apply to the Jean Gouikian Scholaship and how has it helped

I applied to The Jean Goguikian Scholarship because of my interest in getting a higher education in the field of public health. Also, I want to serve my community by working in the Lebanese public sector, and to ensure the well-being of the Lebanese Armenian community members, by providing the needed services that would help them live a well-integrated life together with the rest of the Lebanese citizens.

So far, The Goguikian Foundation has helped me realize that my dream of one day being able to help my community will come true, by means of my academic achievements and the foundation’s efforts in providing me with all the necessary training that I might need in order to smoothly get through to the public sector.

>My academic and professional aspirations

After earning my master’s degree in public health with a concentration in health management and policy, I hope to be able to actively work at the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Lebanon, in order to have some hands-on experience and gain the knowledge of what it is that we lack in the Lebanese public-health sector, and how we can improve the health services provided to the Lebanese Armenian community.

Based on that experience, I plan to choose a suitable doctorate program — preferably with a concentration in health management and policy or in biosecurity and disaster preparedness — in order to earn further academic knowledge, and hopefully assume a position in United Nation’s World Health Organization (WHO), in order to serve not only my community and my country, but hopefully the region as a whole.

>My hopes for the Lebanese Armenian community’s future

I hope that the Lebanese Armenian community is provided with all the necessary and vital services, in addition to a fair representation in the Lebanese public sector, in order to live a healthy, prosperous life here within a convenient and favorable environment in which it will flourish further and grow strong roots, far from the need to emigrate.

>My inspirations

My biggest inspiration has been my people, the Armenians, and their ability, determination, power and will to survive despite facing such major inhuman acts as that of the Armenian Genocide (1915–1921), followed by a large-scale natural disaster — the 1988 Spitak Earthquake in Northern Armenia. However stretched and torn over the years, Armenians have kept their integrity and have succeeded in rebuilding, reliving and reblooming. That’s why my origin gives me hope and inspires me to work toward succeeding and giving the most that I can.

On the other hand, my mother has also greatly inspired me with her complete devotion to the management of medico-social services’ provision to underprivileged communities, including that of the Armenian Lebanese.

Last but not least, living a daily struggle due to the lack of services and mismanagement of the public sector motivates me greatly to be part of that sector and to try and revive it.

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