Câline Meguerditchian



Full name: Câline Kourken Meguerditchian

Date and place of birth: 02/08/1994

University: Université Saint-Joseph (USJ)

Major: Social Work

Class:  Senior

Educational Background: Melankton & Haig Arslanian Djemaran  (2012)


Dancing and  jogging

Special Awards/Certificates:

MUN delegate and advisor’s certificate

Community Work Experience: none

Other important biographical information:

I have 2 siblings: a sister Nanor and a brother Alexandre.

>Why I applied to the Jean Goguikian Scholarship and how has it helped

I applied to the Jean Goguikian Scholarship because I could not afford my university tuition on my own. As I chose to continue my education in a major which the Goguikian Foundation supports , I decided to apply. So far, it has helped me enter the university of my  dreams, Saint Joseph University.

 >My academic and professional aspirations

After I finish my education, I wish to be able to work in the public sector as a proud Armenian Lebanese and help in the development of my community as a fresh graduate of Saint Joseph University.

>My hopes for the Lebanese Armenian community’s future

For now, all of my friends at the university are Non-Armenian Lebanese. As I speak with them, I find that some are not pleased about the presence of the Armenians in Lebanon. They sometimes have an aggressive and confrontational tone towards Armenians. Their major argument is about the language. They  accuse us of not knowing the Arabic language very well and therefore feel that we do not deserve to live in this country.

As I am aware of, the purpose and intention of this scholarship is to help develop the Lebanese Armenian community and help us enter in the public sector. I only wish that, in the future, things will be different so the Lebanese would stop accusing and underestimating the Lebanese Armenians. As our number increases in society and the Lebanese public sector, our influence will be bigger.

>My inspirations

A big inspiration for me was my school social worker who guided me and explained my career opportunities. I watched her work and I learned a lot from her. She was helpful to me academically as well as being there for me personally. I’m grateful to her and I too want to be helpful to others as she has been to me.

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