Melkon Eleydjian



Full name: Melkon Kevork Eleydjian

Date and place of birth: 1993- Bourj-Hammoud

University: Notre Dame University – Louaize (NDU)

Major: Economics

Educational background: Mesrobian High School 2011


Reading, writing, sport activities, hunting, researching, driving.

Special awards and certificates:

1st in Arab poem contest (Mesrobian high school),

Employee of the month several times -Roadster Diner

Father Boghos Priest Bezdikian Award

Community work experience:

Tutoring students from 1st till 7th grade.

> Why did  I apply to the Jean Gouikian Scholaship and how has it helped

I was a 12th grade student when “Goguikian Foundation” visited our school. I was sitting on a chair, happy that we missed a class and like always, waiting the end of another boring orientation… But that was not the case, and like no other orientation, I was inspired by the Foundation goals, aims and belief in our Armenian community to be more active in public sector. It was a view of a future where Armenians have a word in public sector! So instantly I said: I’m in…

The Goguikian Foundation provided me with a lot of help. It covered 100% the tuition fee of the university. Moreover, the Goguikian Foundation has given me the opportunity to participate in leadership programs and a huge moral boost toward a bright future. The Goguikian Foundation has a complete program.

>My academic and professional aspirations

A key word in my academic and professional aspirations is ambition! We have to be ambitious in every single step in our life, we have to go forward with fast and large footsteps, because time never stops and if you want to catch up you don’t have to keep walking, but you have to keep running.
As an ambitious person, I have so many plans in future starting from tomorrow. My academic aspiration is success in every course with high grades, simple as that. As for professional aspirations my aims are high. Locally I want to be a part of Lebanese Central Bank and much more its vice president (since an Armenian cannot be a president). Broader, I will try my best to reach where Riyad Salameh was at a time, ringing the bell on Wall Street… After all, these ambitions are not only personal; they are my way to recompense Lebanon and its Armenian community as an economist.

>My hopes for the Lebanese Armenian community’s future

I would like to use “expectations” rather than “hopes”… I expect a bright future for the Armenian-Lebanese community with the presence of such a foundation called The Goguikian Foundation.

Also, I expect that the Lebanese Armenian community will percept the importance of national duty by participating in a field where they were absent for some time, public sector. This sector is the ideal place where Armenians can recapture and fortify their loyalty to our beloved country Lebanon.

Armenian-Lebanese community will always be firm and solid, they complete each other.

>My inspirations

Gibran Khalil Gibran’s philosophy, General Andranik’s freedom spirit and Albert Einstein’s intelligence are my inspiration because philosophy, freedom and intelligence are the essence of human life.

Quotes that I believe in: Philosophical intelligence of freedom.

Philosophical freedom by intelligence.

Intelligence and freedom of philosophy.

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