Milia Cynthia Najjar



Full name: Milia Cynthia Najjar

Date and place of birth: 1993- Aleppo-Syria

University: University of  Balamand

Major: Public Health

Educational background: Frederick town High School,  Mesrobian High School- 2011

Interests/hobbies: Dancing, reading, singing.

Special awards and certificates: A community service certificate from the American Leo Club Community

Community work experience:  A group leader in the association of “Guides du Liban” scouts movement

Important biographical information :  On 2009, spent 10 months as an exchange student to the United States, on a scholarship from the Youth Exchange and Study Program

> Why  I applied to the Jean Gouikian Scholaship and how has it helped

What attracted me to the Goguikian scholarship first is the vision that it has, and that is to encourage the Lebanese Armenian young students to contribute more effectively to their country’s public sector.

Obtaining the scholarship has helped me in so many ways.  Some of which are getting to study in a good university, and participating in a Leadership and training program that I am sure will have a positive impact on my future life.

>My academic and professional aspirations

My academic aspirations are to graduate from a good university, with good grades, and even continue to obtain my master’s degree.

As it comes to professional aspirations, I would like to work in a place where I can actively contribute to my country, and to do the best I can to educate and inform the people about the health risks they might be facing and how to eliminate bad habits in order to have a healthier lifestyle, and in the future, a healthier and more conscious society.

>My hopes for the Lebanese Armenian community’s future

My hopes for the future of the Lebanese Armenian community are very big. As Armenians in Lebanon, we have always contributed to our country’s well-being in different ways: socially, intellectually, and artistically. And it doesn’t stop there. I believe that if we also play our appropriate role in Lebanon’s public sector, we can contribute greatly to the Lebanese Armenian community and to Lebanon as a whole.

>My inspirations

My inspiration is Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the scouting movement in the world. He has been an inspiration for me, because he believed in the potential every single person has, irrespective of age, race or background to serve their community and be the best they can be. Also, discovering his works for the past years has taught me that everybody can start small, but that doesn’t mean they’re finishing small.

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