Nanor Garabed



Full name: Nanor Garabed (Haroutiounian)

Date and place of birth: 1993, Beirut

University: Haigazian University

Major:  Economics

Class: Graduated, Class of 2015

Educational background: M. & H. Arselanian Djemaran


Dancing, reading, philosophy and badminton

Special awards and certificates:

The highest grade in Armenian of the literature class,

The highest grade in Arabic of the terminal class 2011,

The highest score of the literature class for the French baccalaureate

Community work experience: 

Oasis Mesrobian 2009-2010, HKCC

Important biographical information :

Model MUN at LAU 2008-2009

> Why  I applied to the Jean Gouikian Scholaship and how has it helped

I applied for a Jean Goguikian Scholarship because I think it will help me achieve my academic and professional dreams. My goal is to help theLebanese Armenian community through my future professional position in the public and civil sector. My goal will be easier to achieve through the Goguikian Foundation who believe in the same direction as I do. This helped me so far by entering the best university in Lebanon which excels in Economics. I started also helping our community by tutoring in HKCC.

>My academic and professional aspirations

After I entered the economic and social section in my high school, I decided to continue my studies by choosing Economics as my major because I liked its topics and my grades were very good. A couple years later, I see myself having a diploma in Economics and why not to continue to master in this major. For my professional aspirations, my dream is to work in the Central Bank of Lebanon.

>My hopes for the Armenian-Lebanese community’s future

I hope that the future of the Lebanese Armenian community will be more brilliant. My wish is that the economic and social situation in Lebanon will be improved and that the number of the Armenian public officers will be greater than today’s statistics in order to obtain our rights more efficiently.

>My inspirations

In life, in the absence of perfectionism, what inspires and motivates me is the situation where I prefer and wish to instill in myself what I like in the behavior of others in order to achieve higher standards.

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