Robert Der Mesrobian



Full name: Robert Mesrob Krikor Der Mesrobian

Date and place of birth: 13/12/1993 – Beirut , Lebanon

University: Haigazian University

Major: Economics

Educational Background: St.Hripsimiantz College (2012)


Jogging, Reading, Ballroom dancing, Writing and  Archery


Sports, History, Technology, Myths and Economy

Special Awards/Certificates:

LAU-MUN modern united nations, Certificate

Horizon – No for drugs, Certificate

UNDP – Advocacy and Lobbying, Cetificate

Asbed Razmamarzagan Djampar, Certificate

Sabre Travel Network Seminar, Certificate

Community Work Experience:

Scout member since 2007

Howard Karagheuzian Study room (2012)

>Why I applied to the Jean Goguikian Scholarship and how has it helped

My aim is to work in the public sector, and as the Jean Goguikian Scholarship encourages young Lebanese Armenians to do so , I intended to take the opportunity and benefit from this scholarship . The Foundation helped me and is still helping me to achieve my goals and become one of the Lebanese-Armenian leaders.

>My academic and professional aspirations

My academic aspiration is to get a PhD in Economics and my professional ambition is to become the vice president  of the central bank.

>My hopes for the Lebanese Armenian community’s future

I have always hoped for unity of the Lebanese Armenian societies whatever their political and religious attachments. So my primary goal is to work to unite all the Lebanese from Armenian origins.

>My inspirations

I am inspired the most from history thus we can learn great things from it . As economics is one of the oldest studied and used sciences, it is mostly integrated by historical events, ideas, theories, principles and proofs . History is something we can not change and we should not live in the past . We should know it so that we can have a brighter future .

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