Varanta Yacoubian



Full name: Varanta Yacoubian

Date and place of birth: 1993 Cairo, Egypt

University: Haigazian University

Major: Political science

Educational background: Melankton & Haig Arslanian Armenian College 2011

Interests/hobbies: Writing, Reading, Music (singing and playing instruments), theatre, Armenian cause, Armenian culture, etc.

Special awards and certificates: An award for the best participation in the school’s yearly newspaper in 2011.

Community work experience: Howard Karagheuzian (tutoring centre)

Important biographical information :  Member  Hamazkayin (cultural)

Ganachian Musical College)

H.M.E.M (scouting)

> Why  did I apply to the Jean Gouikian Scholaship and how has it helped

I found out about the Jean Goguikian scholarship two years ago at school. I realized that its objectives matched mine, so I decided to apply. Other than helping me financially, the Foundation offered me a great opportunity to work in my community, in other words, to help my community. I started with tutoring. Although the work was hard but at the end of the day it payed off: the children are satisfied because they finally found someone who can help them understand their lessons, the parents are satisfied because they realize that their children are finally getting good marks in their exams (which is not always the case because the majority of those students are very weak), the Foundation is satisfied because I’m doing my job perfectly, and last but not least, I am the one who is most satisfied because everybody else is happy. Other than these, I am participating in the leadership program from which I am benefiting a lot.

>My academic and professional aspirations

Khalil Gibran once wrote: “To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.” As a very ambitious person, of course, I intend to finish my academic education at a very high level.

Speaking of my professional aspirations, one of my biggest goals is to serve the Armenian community, and of course to do whatever it takes in order to defend the Armenian cause.

>My hopes for the Lebanese Armenian community’s future

Our community is in a need of great motivation and diligent work to survive today. Its only hope is its youth. If they (including me) are very well educated (not only academically), then we must not worry about its future. As Karekin Njteh said, “Do you want to know the future of a people? Look at its youth.”

>My inspirations

I am inspired by people I know that give from the heart and of course have opened my eyes to humanity. Most of them are writers, musicians, artists, historical figures, great leaders, revolutionaries, etc. Beyond this, I have always been inspired by my family members, both my father and mother, as well as my two little brothers, all of them for having great personalities and great talents. Speaking of what has been my inspiration for my whole life, I can say that it is Nature and Music which give me comfort, strength, and the ability to write and create new things.

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