Scholarship At A Glance


The purpose of the Jean Goguikian Scholarship is to educate and train future Lebanese Armenian leaders for careers in the public sector. Applicants can be current or recent graduates of high school, and must have strong Arabic language skills


The Jean Goguikian Scholarship is both Merit and Need based and is for Lebanese citizens of Armenian heritage. Both recent high school graduates and current university students may apply for this scholarship.

Merit – This scholarship is granted based on two merits:

A demonstrable interest in the public sector and a desire to work in civil service assessed during an interview

Possession of strong Arabic language skills demonstrated by a comparative score of 85% or better during high school career

Need – The amount of the scholarship is determined by the financial need of the applicant and is up to 100% of the cost of tuition in the supported majors and at partner universities, plus cost of books up to 5% of the amount of scholarship and is determined by the financial need of the applicant.

Scholarships are renewed on an annual basis.