The Goguikian Foundation is a non-profit organization registered with the Lebanese Government’s Interior Ministry (Reg. No. 1720) in 2008. It was founded by Michel J.Goguikian, a successful Lebanese Armenian financier, and the son of the late Ambassador Jean Goguikian, Lebanon’s first Ambassador of Armenian origins and one of the first members of the Lebanese Armenian community to reach a senior rank in the Lebanese public sector.


The Goguikian Foundation promotes an Armenian community fully integrated with all other communities in Lebanon, serving the interest of all Lebanese and their communities, and in particular those of Armenian descent, through superior  education, optimal training, mastery of the Arabic language, a better representation of Lebanese Armenians in the Lebanese public sector, devotion to service, community and country.


An Armenian community fully integrated into the fabric of Lebanese society, well represented and well served by the government, enjoying optimal social services, health and education and actively participating as members of a cadre of Lebanese social, political and economic leaders, who on equal footing with Lebanese from all communities, shape Lebanon’s future, and thus their own.  A strong and prosperous Lebanese Armenian community, growing roots in Lebanon while preserving the Armenian heritage, identity and culture.

Core Values

Excellence, Vocation to Service, Passion, Courage, Leadership and Patriotism.