Shant Vartanian



Full name: Shant Vartanian

Date and place of birth: 1991, Beirut, Lebanon

University: Haigazian University

Major:  Economics

Educational background:

Graduated from Levon & Sophia Hagopian Armenian College in July 2010 – Lebanese Baccalaureate II (Sociology/Economics section)


Politics, Economics, Philosophy, Reading books, Football and other sports

Special awards and certificates:

As a Levon & Sophia Hagopian Armenian College student, participated in the Model United Nations program organized by the Lebanese American University, and gained knowledge and experience in diplomacy, politics and other topics, in addition to honing negotiation, conflict-resolution and communication skills. Received two certificates.

Was chosen by his high school to participate in the Shadowing Project, a program covering around 20 Lebanese schools and aimed at guiding grade 11 and 12 high school students to choose the major that suits them best, by helping them discover whether a career field is a good choice for them. Organized by the Lebanese Alumni Association of the U.S. State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI–LAA), the program was launched in Lebanon by the NGO Beeatoona, with the participation of MEPI alumni. Received a certificate for participation.

Received the “Mher Choulhajian” Certificate, which is given to a Levon & Sophia Hagopian Armenian College student for being actively involved in work related to the Armenian Cause. It is given by the family of Mher Choulhajian, a Lebanese-Armenian killed during the Artsakh war.

Community work experience:

Involvement in and organizational work at children and youth chapters of an Armenian political party.

> Why did  I apply to the Jean Gouikian Scholaship and how has it helped?

When I first heard about The Goguikian Scholarship and its objectives, I said to myself “This is the foundation that our Armenian community really needed, a foundation that will grant scholarships to Armenian students for the purpose of making these students specialized in certain majors, so that in return they would help the Armenian community in Lebanon.” So, after reviewing the details, I applied to the scholarship and was accepted.

Although we are at the beginning of our journey, I have to say that The Goguikian Foundation has already helped me a lot. At first, I was worried about my future and my education, but now I feel that my future looks bright.

>My academic and professional aspirations

I have a clear and strong objective to graduate with degrees in both economics and political science and to continue until I receive Ph.D.s in both of these fields of study.

Regarding my professional aspirations, I would like to find a job through which I can help and fight for my community and at the same time a job that will provide me with the necessary financial benefits to live a good life we all dream of.

>My hopes for the Lebanese Armenian community’s future

The Armenian-Lebanese community is a very important community both for Lebanon and Armenia. Having a strong Armenian community in Lebanon will benefit both of these countries.

Although our Armenian community in Lebanon is active, it lacks some important resources that may hinder its further development. But my hopes are very high for this community because if we work together for the community’s sake, we can make things better.

>My inspirations

There are many great leaders, thinkers or philosophers that have inspired me, including Nietzsche, Che Guevara, Putin and Krisdapor Mikaelian.

Nietzsche is an eccentric individual that came up with some true ideas when others were and are afraid to do so. Che Guevara was an ideal revolutionist, while Putin is a superb politician that knows how to govern his state. Krisdapor Mikaelian, one of the founders of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, is a great Armenian hero who devoted all his life to the Armenian Cause and he died for that cause.

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