Vicky Kendirjian



Full name: Vicky Kendirjian

Date and place of birth: 12/10/1994 –  Anjar,Bekaa,Lebanon

University: Lebanese American University

Major: Political Science/International Affairs

Educational Background: C.Guilbenkian  (2012)

Interests/Hobbies: Reading , Movies.

Special Awards/Certificates:

Teaching diploma from Sunday School

Community Work Experience:

Teacher at Shoushanian Sunday school , Summer schools and member in Lebanese Youth Federation (L.E.M) : “Shavarsh Missakian” branch.

 >Why I applied to the Jean Goguikian Scholarship and how has it helped

One of my most important reasons for applying to the Jean Goguikian Scholarship was its future goals and expectations towards the Armenian youth, their presence and participation in different Lebanese firms, industries and sectors. So far the Foundation has given me the opportunity to attend one of the most prestigious universities in Lebanon to attain my higher education. This was a dream come true.

 >My academic and professional aspirations

My academic and professional aspirations are to graduate from my university having benefited from every single chance given to me not only academically but also socially & culturally. I hope to leave the best impression about Armenians and how much we can achieve given the opportunity and support and I will do my best to be a productive member in the Lebanese Armenian community.

 >My hopes for the Lebanese Armenian community’s future

In my opinion the Lebanese Armenian community already has an effective role to play in Lebanon through different fields: Political, economical & cultural. However we (the Lebanese Armenian youth) should sustain these roles, aspire to reach higher positions and increase the rate of participation for the sake of our community. We should provide a brighter and bigger path for the new generation to live a better and more comfortable life in our motherland; Lebanon.

 >My inspirations

My one and only inspiration is my community itself. No matter how hard history has been on Armenians, and even though we were far from our homeland,  we survived and we sought after our dreams and accomplished them, thriving not only in Lebanon but in the whole world. This is why I believe in the continuous development of my  community and promise to do my best for the sake of development of Lebanon.

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